You see what you see and I see what I see. You feel what you feel and I feel what I feel. I hope you see something and feel something, which might mean turning the canvas. It's ok.

My art is shipped without being sealed. Seal at your own risk. Some pieces have an oily feel to their surface. This is normal due to the amount of silicon oil used in my production processes. All pieces are subject to collecting dust over time, especially those with paste. Use a soft, damp rag or duster to spruce up any piece. Direct UV light will change paint coloration over time.

Your viewing experience depends greatly on subject lighting. The photos used in the Products section were taken with an iPhone and two LED variable light bars, sometimes with overhead can lighting. Your mileage may vary.

Damaged goods:
If your art arrives damaged please reach out to me via the contact option or Facebook Messenger. We'll work out a resolution.

Shipping and shipping cost:
You're likely to recieve UPS or USPS shipping that most commonly arrives in 3-5 business days. The cost to ship a canvas at 16x20 or smaller is roughly the same. Local pickup is not gauranteed but likely an option.

At this time I am not routinely framing art. While I believe frames can make art pop they can vary greatly in cost and oppose my desire to provide original acrylic art at affordable prices. Framing can be arranged via the contact option or Facebook Messenger. Subject to availability. Shipping cost and timing may vary due to additional weight, and/or packing materials, and/or availability of frames, and/or time to apply framing. Contact prior to purchase for options.

Customer satisfaction:
I want to provide premium service. If you have feedback in any form please use the contact option or reach out via Facebook Messenger. I want you to have a positive experience in purchasing original artwork. I want you to be able to acquire said originals at reasonable and affordable prices. Ask. Really.

Commissions may be purchased via messenging through the contact option or Facebook Messenger. Art is ultimately created at my discretion. To inquire please message with ideas on canvas size, whether to include paste, design elements, and colors. A 50% deposit is require after agreement on pricing. Pictures will be provided prior to payment of remaining 50% of cost. Items not purchased within 30 days are forfeit along with any payment made, and may subsequently be sold.

Sharing my art/your purchase:
Please feel free to share my art. Please credit when sharing and provide a link to below website. All rights reserved by art producers Matt and Aja Malone operating as Pour Tense and Pour Tense Productions. Inquire via the contact option or Facebook Messenger for corporate engagements.

I love donating art for cause. To negotiate donated art please reach out via the contact option or Facebook Messenger.

To develop partnerships please reach out via the contact option or Facebook Messenger.